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  • Better Than a 3-Foot Bunny

    Dear B. Log, A lot of people think about chocolate bunnies—I know I do—and some even wonder what they have to do with Easter. But what I think about more are those little yellow marshmallow chicks. At least a chocolate bunny doesn’t really look like a bunny; otherwise I wouldn’t eat it. But

    From Clubhouse Magazine

  • Eugene’s Puzzles 2023

    Greetings and salutations! Can you solve these perplexing puzzles? April 2023 Complete the grid so each row and column contains every digit from 1 to 4. The number pairs in the shaded rectangles form simple equations. The total is shown in the top-left corner, along with the mathematical opera

    From Clubhouse Magazine

  • The Mom-Over

    “Thank you for driving the girls, Olivia’s mom,” my mother said as I climbed into Mrs. Parker’s car before school. “No problem… Tori’s mom,” Mrs. Parker replied. Olivia and I stared at each other. “Does your mom know my mom’s name?” I whispered. Olivia shrugged. “

    From Clubhouse Magazine

  • Elaine Washington: What if you'd gotten hurt, or—I don't know, mugged?
    Kelly: We live on Sesame Street. Who is gonna mug me?
    “Chip Off the Shoulder”
    From AIOWiki Random Quotes
  • 209 - The Fifth House on the Left, Part 1

    Discussion of Adventures in Odyssey episode 278 The Fifth House on the Left, Part 1, the fifth episode of Album 21: Wish You Were Here! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @WODFAMCHOCPOD Email us at Links: Our Merch Store! The Graduate Babylon The Odyssey Mega Arc --- Send

  • How "Starring Eugene and Connie" became "Featuring Jason and Jillian"

    Hear the story of the hilarious episode "Game Night" from writer/director Marshal Younger, sound designer Luke Guenot, and a surprise guest

    From Official Odyssey Podcast
  • The Latest Pieces of News

    Greetings and salutations! Been a while since I’ve reported any news. With the Odyssey Team being careful to reveal upcoming album cover art and summaries themselves in recent days, it feels like there’s been a dry spell in regard to Odyssey news. However, although I have been unable to find any

    From Odyssey Obsessors

  • A06E08 Context is Everything (But, You Promised)

    In this podventure, we discuss the episode “But, You Promised,” in which Robyn Jacobs gets herself into a series of messes because of some seemingly innocuous fibs. Mess #1: her bike is stolen. Mess #2: her friends get mad at her. Mess #3: two nice Italian men are arrested and interrogated by th

    From Podventures in Odyssey
  • Ethel: The bathroom's right back there. You need change?
    Lindy: Change?
    Ethel: It's a quarter to get in.
    “Black Clouds”
    From AIOWiki Random Quotes
  • Herbert: What'sa matter, kid? What happens at three thirty? You turn into a pumpkin or somethin'?
    Jimmy Barclay: No, not a pumpkin — dead meat. Three thirty is when my dad gets home.
    “The Prodigal, Jimmy”
    From AIOWiki Random Quotes
  • Think on These Things

    We use the Imagination Station for revenge, cheating, and dealing with romantic rejection! Andrew defends sassin' back! Jon defends berating students! We play I Can Only Imagine! 

    From Whit's Up?
  • 208 - It Happened at Four Corners

    Discussion of Adventures in Odyssey episode 277 It Happened at Four Corners, the fourth episode of Album 21: Wish You Were Here! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @WODFAMCHOCPOD Email us at Links: Our Merch Store! Blood Simple The Last of Us Dylan's Letterboxd Andrew&#

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