Top Fan Sites

  • The Odyssey Scoop

    The Odyssey Scoop is a fan site dedicated to providing up-to-date information about the world's #1 audio drama series, Adventures in Odyssey (AIO). The Odyssey Scoop exists to provide news regarding upcoming products, to promote the brand, to maintain visitor involvement throughout the site and give fans an opportunity to connect with one another, and to create a safe alternative to many websites on the internet.

    With troves of diverse features to explore, The Odyssey Scoop will keep even the most seasoned fan engaged for hours and hours. A selection of our favourites are listed below for easy access.

  • AIOWiki

    The Adventures in Odyssey Wiki was created by Corey van der Laan—going by the name of Shadowpaw—and went live on April 25th, 2007. Prior to creating the wiki, Shadowpaw maintained a separate website called The Soda Fountain which included information about Adventures in Odyssey, including albums, episodes, cast, crew, and other unique features.

    Shadowpaw created the wiki as a community project to which anyone could contribute. As such, most of the work building out the site was completed by the Odyssey online community while Shadowpaw continued to focus on The Soda Fountain.

  • The Town of Odyssey

    First founded in 2005, The Town of Odyssey is a message board centered around Adventures in Odyssey and one of the main places for fans to connect with other fans. What makes this forum unique is that it takes an RPG-style format, setting the different forums in locations from the radio drama.

    Though the main topic is Adventures in Odyssey, discussion ranges widely to cover the interests of everyone who is there. The environment is uplifting, supportive, and faith-based, so it's generally a safe space for fans of all ages to engage with other fans.

  • AIO Audio News

    AIO Audio News is a website and podcast for fans of the audio drama Adventures in Odyssey. Your host, Michael LaFaver, keeps you up to date on new releases, reviews episodes, evaluates story arcs, and goes into everything else related to Odyssey. Also includes memes and Morrie Rydell.

    Michael posts frequently with the latest news and features many guests, including other fans and people from Adventures in Odyssey. There's lots to enjoy here for every fan!

  • Odyssey Moments

    Started by Rose Beasley on Instagram in 2015 as a way to share her love for Adventures in Odyssey, Odyssey Moments shares fan art and connects people through their experiences around Adventures in Odyssey.

    "I didn't want to create another 'AIO news' page, there are plenty of those already." Rose recalls. "I wanted something a bit more original and a little more fun and really, just whatever I felt like sharing. Long story short, it instantly turned into an AIO meme page, full of fan-art features and quotes!"

  • Odyssey Chat

    It's fun to discuss Adventures in Odyssey with other fans on a forum, but what's even more fun is a live group discussion! Join other fans and members of the online community on Odyssey Chat for realtime discussion on the Odyssey Chat IRC server.

    If you visit the website, you can join directly from the interface there or you can get the connection information to join from an IRC client for more advanced control.