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  • You Might Be an AIO Hangout Member If…

    you’ve gotten into a heavy discussion in #controversial you have no idea how the trusted system works you’ve cried over server emojis you’ve tried to figure out who are family members tried to start a spinoff server you’ve welcomed someone who didn’t respond stayed up

    From Adventures in Opinions

  • The five-year journey to “Running the Race”

    Executive producer Dave Arnold starting outlining a story about Eric Liddell in 2019 — but the episode wasn’t written and directed by Phil Lollar until 2023 and not released until 2024. Follow the marathon production of the three-part epic. (Plus: A preview of “The Rydell Realizations, Part 3

    From Official Odyssey Podcast
  • A08E06 Scheming Minds (Suspicious Minds)

    In this podventure, we discuss the episode “Suspicious Minds,” in which $100 mysteriously goes missing from the Whit’s End cash register. Connie and Eugene initially join forces to catch the culprit, but soon their suspicions turn toward one another. Can Whit convince them to stop acting like

    From Podventures in Odyssey
  • Charles VanHorn: Look, I drew a dinosaur.
    Jared DeWhite: Not bad. Why is he purple?
    “Natural Born Leader”
    From AIOWiki Random Quotes
  • Another News Post: Product, Books, and Albums!

    Greetings and salutations! That’s right, this is a news post! This is the first news post of 2024. It’s kind of funny that I used to release tons of news posts reporting the latest Odyssey news, but now it is not very often when I do. There are a couple of reasons why this is. First, I sadly do

    From Odyssey Obsessors

  • Herbert: What’sa matter, kid? What happens at three thirty? You turn into a pumpkin or somethin’?
    Jimmy Barclay: No, not a pumpkin — dead meat. Three thirty is when my dad gets home.
    “The Prodigal, Jimmy”
    From AIOWiki Random Quotes
  • BONUS - Beyond Odyssey Geek

    Austin gives a quick update on some Odyssey Geek news, tells about some other podcasts he's recently appeared on, and shares a teaser of the next full episode of Odyssey Geek. Listen to episode 198 of Audio Theatre Central Listen to the Easter special of Your Fellow Odyssians

    From Odyssey Geek
  • Album 76: Keep It Together airs on the radio and online

    Odyssians, assemble! Album 76 airs on the radio today, so we thought it would be fun to release a spoof of the album cover. There are some Easter eggs to find as well! Whether or not you're a big Morrie fan, I think we can all appreciate this Odyssey-Avengers crossover. Another amazing p

    From AIO Update

  • The epic production of “Running the Race”

    Sound designer Nathan Jones looks back on all the jogging and Olympic sprints in the first two parts of “Running the Race,” previews the final episode in a prison camp…and tells us the one thing he would save from his home.

    From Official Odyssey Podcast
  • A08E05 The New Mrs. Whit's End (Curious, Isn't It?)

    In this podventure, we discuss the episode “Curious, Isn’t It?,” in which Esther and Ben overhear a shocking conversation between Whit and a mystery woman. As Esther’s wild speculations spiral out of control, the rest of the town of Odyssey gets sucked into the whirlpool of her conjecture. A

    From Podventures in Odyssey
  • Review of Adventures in Odyssey #74: Buckle Up!

    Today, JD is joined by ATC contributor Austin Peachey to review album 74 of Adventures in Odyssey, titled Buckle Up! They go deep into the characters, plots, performances, and production values of these six episodes. Also in the episode, JD shares a handful of audio drama updates, including the firs

    From Audio Theatre Central
  • In The Deep End

    Well, it’s me again. And I’ve been listening to what I am now calling…. “deep” episodes. (apologies, Album 55. I’m not talking about you specifically.) What do I mean by that? I mean, the ones that are clearly in over a normal kid’s head. Not your average slice-of-life episodes.

    From Odyssey Obsessors

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