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  • The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 1

    A new arc! Is "The Stiletto" a resurrected Dr. Blackgaard? Is Derk going to be the Richard Maxwell? Was Eugene a carnival sideshow attraction? Should Andrew be the next Eugene voice? We play Snopes or Nopes!

    From Whit's Up?
  • The 2022 Avery Awards: Bob the Bold vs. The League of Diminutive Dialogue!

    It's time for the "Slippery Slope" and "The Long Road Home" Avery Awards! We’ll reveal the Actor, Actress, Sound Design, Script, Scene, Episode, and more that you, the listeners, voted as winners! Also this year, you’ll get a look behind the curtain of the REAL Adventure

    From Official Odyssey Podcast
  • 187 - Sticks and Stones

    Discussion of Adventures in Odyssey episode 442b Sticks and Stones, an unreleased episode. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @WODFAMCHOCPOD Email us at Links: Subscribe to our bonus content! Our Merch Store! (featuring designs by Mikayla Moeller!) Sticks and Stones Career M

  • ATC170: 5th Annual ATC Seneca Awards Replay [Bonus Episode]

    Today's episode is the replay of the 5th Annual ATC Seneca Awards broadcast from August 26th, 2022. We are sharing this in the ATC feed for those of you who prefer to have it come down the feed to you so you don't have to go over to the awards website to play it there. We were not able to

    From Audio Theatre Central
  • Traci Mulligan: Well, Winona, it looks like it's just you and me, girl. Oh sure, come on up. Oh, and pass the mashed potatoes, will you please. No, no—oh. Actually, I was hoping you'd pass them in the bowl. N-no, I'll get the gravy myself. No, really, but thanks.
    “Leap of Faith”
    From AIOWiki Random Quotes
  • A Touch of Healing Parts 1&2 - Episode Review

    Emily and Aimee talk about their thoughts on A Touch of Healing Parts 1 & 2. Just a heads up this episode goes a little deeper into the subject of healing. But First, Aimee tries something new and tries to stump Emily using soundtracks. If you would like to help Aimee stump Emily, email ques

    From Northern Odyssians
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New Episode: “Morning”

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New Club Episode: “Knox on Sacrifice”

October 1, 2022

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