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  • EXCLUSIVE: Adventures in Odyssey releasing new animated series

    It’s finally time for a solid post! And not satire, but a perfect scoop of news. “What is this news” you, the imagined reader, may be asking. Well, let’s break it down. Adventures in Odyssey, according to the Focus Times (a newspaper published by FotF and found in their bookstore, is curr

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  • Too Lazy, Didn’t Write

    TL;DW That is to say, I have been keeping up with the latest album and comics and everything else, but my thoughts are all up in my head and it honestly would take a lot of time to write an individual post on each topic. So…I’m trying to do a little of everything. Basically a buffet of my opi

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  • King of my Heart discussion

    At long last here we areanadventurethroughodyssey@gmail.comSupport this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    From Adventure Through Odyssey
  • Tough Call Discussion

    Jon had... for lack of a better term a lot to say about this week's episodeanadventurethroughodyssey@gmail.comSupport this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    From Adventure Through Odyssey
  • Tom Riley: Mr. Glossman has a lot of bright ideas on how to modernize this city so it can make more money. But there's some of us here who like the old things, Mr. Whittaker, who don't want our town to become all chrome and glass, and your wife was one of those people.
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  • Excape Rooms and Ice Cream - Episode Review

    Emily and Aimee talk about their thoughts on Sacrificial Escape and Further from the Truth, episode 4 & 5 in the Morrie Rydell Saga. First, Emily tests Aimee on her knowledge of Adeventures in Odyssey. If you want to help and have questions, email those to Please

    From Northern Odyssians
  • Richard Hudson: You are grounded, and I mean grounded! No phone, no nothing!
    “A Different Kind of Peer Pressure”
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  • Connie: God doesn't make mistakes.
    Nick: Mmm, I don't know. Putting testicles on the outside didn't seem like such a good idea.
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  • 14: CEMS, Assemble

    Gabriel strikes back once again to review The Team from Album 71: A Slippery Slope. Will he find some things he liked as he traverses this episode, or will the disappointment in the Rydell Saga taint his ability to review objectively? Also, a cat gets involved. Strap yourself in for the 14th episode

    From Odyheyr Podcast
  • 202 - It Began With a Rabbit's Foot

    Discussion of Adventures in Odyssey episode 266 It Began With a Rabbit's Foot, the eleventh episode of Album 20: A Journey of Choices. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @WODFAMCHOCPOD Email us at Links: Our Merch Store! Our coverage of "Gotcha!" The Odyssey M

  • Meet first time writer Jesse Kellum IV

    Jesse Kellum IV grew up listening to Odyssey and now he's writing (and directing!) for the show. Hear the story of how he got to Odyssey, his first show "Legally Wooton," and traveling to California to record.

    From Official Odyssey Podcast
  • John Whittaker: Use your imagination, and anything can happen!
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