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  • Episode Review: The Christmas Bells

    Emily and Aimee begin Season 3 with a review of The Christmas Bells to begin the Olivia arc. But first, they continue the segment Who is Eugenious? Find out who gets it right as they both quiz each other.

    From Northern Odyssians
  • Our Favorite AIO Poetry

    Poetry is an interesting area in writing/reading. I have a complicated relationship with poetry; I honestly am unsure how to feel about it. Perhaps I’ll write a post about that at some point. To make it simpler, I’ll just say that I enjoy seeing poetry. Specifically, the poems that the Odyssey f

    From Odyssey Obsessors

  • Bill: I don’t wanna brag, but I have a lot of experience with women being mad at me.

    From Incorrect AIO Quotes
  • Editorial 63: More Than Meets the Ear

    Last month AIO Update ran the My Odyssey Story contest. We asked the question: How has Adventures in Odyssey impacted you? And you answered! We received 22 entries. Three entrants were chosen in a random draw to win a special prize. As mentioned in the contest announcement, excerpts from the

    From AIO Update

  • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? Parts 1-3

    Mitch proposes! Have you ever had to escape from someone's trunk? God's Will again! We play Whit's Up With What?

    From Whit's Up?
  • Reviewing “The Revenge of Bigfoot”

    I’m a little late, but June’s Adventures in Odyssey Club exclusive episode, “The Revenge of Bigfoot” was released some years ago, in 2021, and I had a few thoughts on it. This post has been sitting around, literally for a couple years, waiting to be published (and finished), so I thought tod

    From Odyssey Obsessors

  • Stories about Will Ryan from his wife Nancy

    In our final podcast looking back at the life of Will Ryan and the creation of "The Best is Yet to Come," Will's wife Nancy Niparko Ryan shares stories from their time together, Will's similarity to Eugene, and the reach of Adventures in Odyssey.

    From Official Odyssey Podcast
  • Listen to the “What’s Odyssey?” Podcast trailer!

    The trailer for “What’s Odyssey?” Podcast, hosted by Joshua Mensah-Woode, went live at 6:30 PM MST yesterday evening. It is currently available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon. The show is scheduled for release on March 8, 2024, and is produced by AIO Writer’s Block. You can listen to

    From AIO Writer's Block

  • February News Recap: Land Is Eternal Like The Love Of God

    We get a little off topic this month but we do cover it anadventurethroughodyssey@gmail.comSupport this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    From Adventure Through Odyssey
  • A08E02 Superspicion (Bad Luck)

    In this podventure, we discuss the episode “Bad Luck,” in which Robyn receives a chain letter asking for a dollar and promising grave consequences if refused. Believing the letter wholeheartedly, Jessie tries to persuade Robyn to comply. When she does not, the two friends spend the rest of the

    From Podventures in Odyssey
  • February- One Last Treasure Hunt

    Hello! And welcome back to my little corner of the internet. I was planning to write and release this on February 1st, but I’ve been knocked out sick this week. Lord willing I am on the road to recovery, so here we go! episode 2: One Last Treasure Hunt This episode was not my favorit

    From Perilous Pen

  • After Ben Shapiro’s Smashing Success, Bernard Walton Decides to Diss Kids With Dirty Fingers

    ODYSSEY, USA- Tom MacDonald decided to let Bernard Walton come into his studio and record after Ben Shapiro declared his “rap Hannukkah” complete this week. The single album highlighted Bernard’s frustration with ice-cream-fingered children, and included lyrics such as “I’ll stuff you with

    From AIO Writer's Block

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