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  • Jessie Morales: I think I'll go home and watch Young Hearts Turning.
    Donna Barclay: Thanks a lot, Benedict Jezebel!
    “The Meaning of Sacrifice”
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  • A Visit to The Town of Odyssey

    Yes, you read the title correctly. Only, we are going to take a visit to The Town of Odyssey Message Boards. Now, you might say that message boards are a thing of the past. I, however, disagree. The Town of Odyssey, or ToO for short, was created in April of 2005 by an AIO fan who goes by the

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  • Eugene’s Entire Life Just Fever Dream From Four Corners

    OAK PARK, CO- Eugene Meltsner woke up on an uneventful day to find himself in a completely different home. He was in a room with Bryant Jennings, who had made him breakfast the earlier day. He was shocked and confused at the same time. According to Mr. Jennings, he continued to repeat, “Where is e

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  • Initial Reaction – As Buck Would Have It, Part 1

    Hello, all. Welcome to another initial reaction with a good amount of typed screaming and laughing…. So, I’ve been really looking forward to these three episodes in the hopes that it will continue along the Green Ring sorta saga, but from what I’ve heard accidentally about it, I don’t thi

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  • You Might be an AIO Fan If… 23

    whenever you think of muffins you think of mind controlyou’ve ever wanted to combine chocolate ice cream and soda waterNeuralink is scarywhen you hear the word “plunk” or “kerplunk” you think of a fish who met its untimely demisepwhen you hear the name “Bernard” you think of a window w

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  • 156 - The Family Next Door

    Discussion of Adventures in Odyssey episode 603 The Family Next Door, the eighth episode of Album 47: Into the Light. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @WODFAMCHOCPOD Email us at Links: Crashing My Scrubs Soundtrack Trusting the God of the Gospel Subscribe to our bonus cont

  • Adventures in Odyssey Memes that My Sister Sent me at 12pm

    No more description needed. Let’s get into it! I hope this made you laugh! ~The Perilous Pen

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  • New Site

    Greetings and salutations, and welcome back to my little corner of the internet! I have come down with the sick recently, and decided to use the time to launch a new site I’ve been working on. So without further adu I present to you Une Belle Passion This site will be fore essays/research p

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  • Voice Of Freedom-(916&917)-Review#138-AIOO#211

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  • Alex Jefferson: Hey Liz! What do a lobster and a shrimp have in common?
    Liz Horton: You're going to say they're both crabby. But that's not very funny is it? So how 'bout, neither one of them can get flood insurance?
    Alex Jefferson: You're right! That is funnier!
    “The Eternal Birthday”
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