Website Updates

January 12, 2023

  • Fix calendar data source caching that caused calendar to not show any events.

August 12, 2022

  • Change body element to prevent scrolling when (podcast subscription) dialog boxes are shown

August 6, 2022

  • Change podcast 'subscription options' dialog to use completely new design
  • Change dialog boxes to never exceed viewport size and instead scroll

July 3, 2022

  • Update calendar data source to be cached for quicker load times

April 4, 2022

  • Add new content to Help Centre

April 3, 2022

  • Update Web Manifest to include jumplist items

April 2, 2022

  • Add 'AIO Update' blog/news posts to Mega Feed

April 1, 2022

  • Release Odyssey Player publicly for limited testing
  • Change icons across the website
  • Update main navigation to indicate which section you are in with bold text

March 29, 2022

  • Change calendar data source to be managed by WP The Events Calendar
  • Change the order of sections in the homepage right sidebar

March 11, 2022

  • Add first version of new calendar feature!
  • Add upcoming events section to homepage

March 2, 2022

  • Update Odyssey Central logo with slight refresh and using SVG file format
  • Add basic Odyssey Central brand centre to help section

February 7, 2022

  • Fix robot access to file that outputs the list of podcast episodes on podcast details pages

January 21, 2022

  • Change dates to show specific date instead of relative date after 2 months
  • Fix issue with error pages

January 19, 2022

  • Add help page for the Mega Feed

January 2, 2022

  • Add 'Odyssey Obsessors' listing to Fan Sites
  • Add 'Odyssey Obsessors' blog posts to Mega Feed
  • Add website detail pages to Fan Sites, though sites still need details added to their pages

November 29, 2021

  • Add social share banners

November 28, 2021

  • Add 'Topics' feature

November 24, 2021

  • Add shadows as a visual hint that it's possible to scroll horizontally in Quick Access Links and pivots
  • Improve mouse accessibility for horizontal scrollbars, including Quick Access Links and pivots
  • Fix Mega Feed items posted with dates in the future; no longer shows negative number

November 23, 2021

  • Add new ways to filter the Mega Feed

November 21, 2021

  • Add blog section to make blog post design consistent with site

November 15, 2021

  • Add 'Odyssey Cuts' to podcasts
  • Fix link to source of AIOWiki Random Quotes

November 14, 2021

  • Update various podcasts' information and subscribe links

November 11, 2021

  • Add 'AIO Writer's Block' blog posts to Mega Feed
  • Add 'The Perilous Pen' blog to Mega Feed
  • Add 'At My Whit's End' YouTube Channel to site list

November 9, 2021

  • Add 'AIOWiki Random Quotes' to Mega Feed

November 6, 2021

  • Fix link to 'Clubhouse Magazine' website in Mega Feed

November 5, 2021

  • Add 'Adventures Happening in Odyssey' blog posts to Mega Feed
  • Add 'The AIO Insider' blog posts to Mega Feed
  • Add 'Odyssey Fan' blog posts to Mega Feed

November 3, 2021

  • Add 'Adventures in Opinions' blog posts to Mega Feed
  • Add 'The Whit's End Podcast' blog posts to Mega Feed
  • Add option to opt out of certain stat tracking on Privacy page
  • Add redirect from to 'Odyssey Chat'
  • Fix document title of 'Fan Fiction'

November 2, 2021

  • Add 'Adventures Happening in Odyssey' blog to Fan Sites list
  • Add 'AIO Writer's Block' blog to Fan Sites lists

November 1, 2021

  • Odyssey Central is officially (and finally) Launched!


  • Odyssey Central is conceived and early development begins