Album 72: The Long Road Home

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“Olivia makes a new friend who's a smooth talker but not a great influence. Meanwhile, Buck and Jules discover more about Buck's father and what he left behind.”

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Last Updated July 6, 2022

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  • Album 72: The Long Road Home

    Just as Buck Oliver is finally settling into a comfortable life in Odyssey, an out-of-the-blue message arrives that may lead him far from home. Buck’s father left behind more of a history than anyone suspected. Could a map from the past determine Buck’s future?

    On another life-changing journey, Olivia has a new imaginary friend – a philosopher named Leonid – who is smart, interesting, and so talkative. Olivia is now doubting everything and everyone. Will her relationships with the folks at Whit’s End be broken? Will Leonid’s deception convince Olivia to abandon her faith once and for all?

    Futures hang in the balance as friendships and families face incredible challenges in… Continue Reading →

  • Album 72: The Long Road Home

    The Long Road Home is the 72nd Adventures in Odyssey mainstream album. It was released in 2022. Its episodes began airing on the radio starting on December 4, 2021.


    “Have you ever considered that Mr. John Avery Whittaker has his own agenda?” Olivia has a new friend in her life. He’s smart, interesting, and just so talkative. Will his influence, and Olivia’s own desire to settle some scores, ruin her friendships with Zoe and the gang at Whit’s End? Will his devious comments convince Olivia to abandon her faith?

    Meanwhile, Buck and Jules discover that Buck’s father left behind a lot more than could ever have been suspected. Could the map help him determine what is next… Continue Reading →

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