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  • NEWS — An Original Audio Drama from Michael and Ryan

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  • NEWS — Album 74 Summary and Artwork

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  • New Information about Album 74 and Beyond

    A few storylines from 28 Hours will be continued in the future, but multi part stories like 28 Hours won’t be happening in the next few albums. Jason and Jillian don’t even appear in album 74, so there is no continuation of the story in this upcoming album. The Odyssey team hasn’t even decided

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  • Album Art for Album 74 Revealed

    The album art for Album 74 has been revealed! It is titled “Buckle Up!” which is very interesting. I don’t like how much it sounds like Buckles though. It will air on Spring of 2023, and December 15 on the club. Eugene is in the cover art which is very odd. I’m not sure what they

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  • Two Episode Titles From Album 74

    Two episode titles from the upcoming album 74 are “Renee Renewed” Which will be the first episode not in a club episode with Renee in it, and “Value in the Process” Which will apparently be a Rydell episode. Apparently this has been known for a few months already but I’m behind on the news

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  • Album 74 Reveal on Wednesday

    On Wednesday, the cover and title for album 74 will be revealed. Stay tuned, I will be analyzing it when it releases, and will also be updating you all whenever news drops! This is basically a filler post to say that after a long hiatus, I’m back! And for good this time. News, reviews, a

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  • Sneak Peek of the New AIO Club Experience

    You’ve likely seen the teaser image on the Adventures in Odyssey website for the past several months. We’ve even talked about the upcoming changes to the AIO Club here on our blog in January. After some minor delays, Focus on the Family has set a launch date for the new Club experience and is of

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